E320 Chiropractic Stories

E320 Chiropractic Stories - Annie

Rib Pain

Annie Sutton
Started care: August 2019
Previous symptomsRib pain with mild aches and pains in my back

My Chiropractic Story

Earlier this year I dislocated my rib while exercising.The pain was so intense I could not perform my daily routines as I normally did before the incident. I had to move gingerly and be very careful while at the gym. While I had mild aches and pains in the past, the rib pain motivated me to seek chiropractic care more quickly.

I knew Dr. Rhonda before starting chiropractic care with her from the AAYMCA and CrossFit. She does a wonderful job with educating her patients about chiropractic care, how it works, and what to expect from care. I was very thankful for this because I did not know much about chiropractic.

While my first visit was painful, due to the dislocated rib, it was the beginning of the healing process for me. In a few weeks my rib was a lot better, and now a couple of months later I do not have any issues with it at all. I was taking ibuprofen for the pain, but I no longer need it as there is no more pain. I am completely functioning without pain, even in the gym. Additionally, I am sleeping better at night and my posture has improved. I hope that long term I see some improvement in mobility at the gym.

Dr. Rhonda and her staff are wonderful! They are always friendly and willing to answer whatever questions you might have. The office is great, always clean and neat. I like using SKED since it allows you to change your appointments whenever you like to fit your schedule.

E320 Chiropractic Stories - Bobby

Pelvic Pain

Bobby Ayers
Started care: October 2019
Previous symptomsLower back, pelvic, and shoulder pain.

My Chiropractic Story

As someone who sits at a desk for most of my workday, and being a karate instructor, being in pain is not ideal.  For some time, I was in constant pain that made day to day life hard.  I was experiencing pain in my lower back and pelvic region.  Additionally, my right shoulder was in pain.  I was miserable sitting at my desk during work.  I was unable to actively teach karate classes, and I was only able to walk 0.5 mile.  I would take over the counter pain medicine and anti-inflammatories to help alleviate the pain.

I met Dr. Rhonda with my wife at the Greek Festival in Anderson, SC.  I was skeptical at first.  I believed chiropractic care would only be a temporary fix for the pain I was in at the time.  What’s more, I was unsure that the neurological scans would work.  However, I was tired of being in pain and decided to give it a try.

Since starting care with Dr. Rhonda, I am no longer taking medicine for pain.  I have been able to sit at my desk with only discomfort, not pain!  Additionally, I am back at being an active karate instructor.  I can do this for 2 hours straight, instead of only 30 minutes.  I can also walk longer distances. I am very happy with the results thus far, including the results I did not expect which was to sleep better with no pain!  In addition, the scans showed exactly what I was feeling!

Dr. Rhonda is a very upbeat person and makes my visits enjoyable.  The office and staff have a good feel to it.  Additionally, the scheduling app the office uses is fantastic.  It makes it so easy to change appointments on the fly.

E320 Chiropractic Stories - Lindsay

Past Trauma

Lindsay Smith
Started care: January 2020
Previous symptomsLower back pain

My Chiropractic Story

During college in 2011, I had a fall that resulted in lower back pain.  I had struggled with low back pain off and since then.  Additionally, I began to experience pain during my workouts.  This year, I decided to do something about it.

I had known Dr. Rhonda previously, and felt very comfortable seeing her.  Additionally, a good friend of mine recommended her to me. However, I was still nervous to be adjusted.  I did not like the thought of my bones making a “popping” noise. I was also a bit of a skeptic.

I have been under care since January and have now become a believer is chiropractic.  Through care, I have experienced better mobility, less tension and headaches, and better quality of sleep!  I am so thankful for the care I have received from E320 Chiropractic.

E320 Chiropractic Stories - Carrie

Lower Back Pain

Carrie Skeen
Started care: April 2018
Previous symptomsLower Back Pain

My Chiropractic Story

Since I was 15 years old, I struggled with lower back pain. While in high school it became progressively worse, as the weight of my bookbag would cause my back even more pain. The pain made it hard for me to be as active as I wanted.  For instance, I was unable to complete my afterschool workouts without being in a lot of pain.  There were times when the pain was too much, and I had to take Aleve.  I normally do not take medication and knew I had to do something to help alleviate the pain other than taking medication.

I had no doubts about starting care! Since being under care my low back pain has significantly decreased.  I can do more physically.  I can ride 75+ miles on a road bike, HIIT workouts, lift weights, and do forms of martial arts. None of these would be possible with the lower back pain. In addition to less back pain, I have noticed I do not get sick as often.

I love my E320 Chiropractic ladies!  They are very personable and genuinely care about their patients.

E320 Chiropractic Stories - Eric

Increase in Energy

Eric Day
Started care: January 2020
Previous symptomsSciatica Pain

My Chiropractic Story

In 2017 I injured my back in nursing school. I worked through the sciatica pain by taking Baclofen (muscle relaxer) and prednisone, but the flare ups started to become more frequent and severe. The pain shooting down my left leg became so serious; I was no longer able to exercise like I wanted. It eventually led to me calling out of work, because I could not walk.

The nurse practitioner I saw referred me to E320 Chiropractic. I had already knew many people who have found relief in chiropractic care. There was no hesitation for me to sign onto care.

Since starting care, I am off of the prednisone, and I have only taken Baclofen once. I have started exercising again (weightlifting, running, and swimming). I am looking into starting Crossfit soon, if that tells you anything about how good I am feeling. In addition to the decrease in pain, I have noticed an improvement in sleep quality and my energy level.

Dr. Rhonda and her staff are awesome! In addition to providing care for whatever adjustments and issues you might need, they make an active effort to get to know you. Dr. Lisowe makes sure to customize her advice to your lifestyle and routine.

E320 Chiropractic Stories - Justin

Years of Back Pain

Years of Back Pain
Started care: February 2020
Previous symptomsBack Pain

My Chiropractic Story

For years I had struggled with back pain.  The pain was always there and I believed it was never going away.  I do not remember when it started, but had resigned myself to live with the nagging pain.  Fortunately, my wife had met Dr. Rhonda through a lunch and learn, and I decided to make an appointment with her.

In February of 2020, I came in for my new patient appointment.  I had doubts about chiropractic to begin with it but I decided to give it a try.

After a few months of care, I feel so much better.  I leave feeling so much lighter in weight and my body is feeling significantly better.

E320 Chiropractic Stories - Kathy


Kathy Stallo
Started care: April 2016
Previous symptomsChronic Pain

My Chiropractic Story

I started care with E320 Chiropractic in April of 2016 due to chronic pain.  The pain was effecting my mobility and quality of life.  I was taking Adderall, Advil, and blood pressure medicine.

I met Dr. Rhonda through a family friend and have been with her since she opened her practice. I had no reservations about starting care.

Since starting care I have been able to decrease medicine.  My pain level has decreased and mobility has increased.  I am still working on increasing my physical activity, but it has improved.  Overall, chiropractic care keeps me functioning.  I have even noticed I do not get sick as often.

Dr. Rhonda is wonderful.  She is very dedicated and devoted to her patients. She is also a great encourager.

E320 Chiropractic Stories - Laine

Upper Back Pain

Laine Mears
Started care: October 2016
Previous symptomsNeck and upper back pain

My Chiropractic Story

I was experiencing pain for a couple of months due to swimming and overtraining.  My neck and upper back were in so much pain I was unable to sit still for any length of time. I was unable to get a good night’s sleep due to the pain as well. In order to help with the pain, I underwent hydrotherapy.  It helped to relieve the pain a little, but the pain would return after I cooled down.  I also took pain reliever and anti-inflammatory medication in order to get some relief, but they had little effect.

I met Dr. Rhonda through Crossfit at the Anderson Area YMCA.  I was skeptical and unsure of chiropractic care in the beginning.  I did not view it as an option to help alleviate the pain I was in at the time.  However, at my wife’s insistence, I went.  I am glad I did.  After the first visit, the acute pain was gone.  It was such a relief, and life got much closer to normal immediately.

Since then I have gone regularly and walk out of the office each time feeling better than when I walked in.  Strange how you don’t know you’re in pain until it’s taken away.  I am also able to turn my neck more fully now.  I have also set a 5K personal running record, and I am able to fully train without hurting.  I am now under chiropractic care for long-term.

One thing that helped me start this as a long-term option was seeing the testimonials, in Dr. Rhonda’s office, from other athletes and bodybuilders (e.g. Arnold Schwartzenegger). I needed to hear from people that were pushing themselves physically, and found chiropractic care was essential to their training.  Check it out!

E320 Chiropractic Stories - Linda

Joint Pain

Linda Watson
Started care: June 2019
Previous symptomsLower back pain, hip pain, and joint pain

My Chiropractic Story

I had been experiencing back pain, hip pain, and joint pain for over five years.  I woke up with stiff joints in the morning.  I could not stand for long periods of time, which made shopping and carrying my groceries extremely hard.  In order to help with the pain, I tried stretching on occasion and massage.  However, I was not able to get the relief I needed in order to go about my daily routines.

I met Dr. Rhonda at the Pendleton’s Spring Jubilee.  I have been seeing her since the summer and have received amazing care and results.  I am now able to go to the gym and work on the machines. Before starting care, I was unable to do this due to the pain I would experience.  In addition to working out on the machines at the gym, I am taking yoga classes.  Furthermore, my joints are no longer hurting when I wake up in the morning.  I am moving much better now that I have been under chiropractic care.

I tell everyone about chiropractic care and Dr. Rhonda! Her office uses the latest technology, so I know my care is tailored to meet my specific needs.  At E320 Chiropractic you will be treated like a person. Dr. Rhonda is truly concerned about you and how you are doing.

E320 Chiropractic Stories - Matthew

Athletic Performance

Matthew Leach
Started care: July 2019
Previous symptomsNeck and Back Tightness

My Chiropractic Story

I started seeing Dr. Rhonda after my mom signed me onto care. I was experiencing tightness throughout my neck and back from weightlifting and previous injuries (SLAP tear).  This was effecting the way I functioned in the gym and my posing for bodybuilding.

I did not have any reservations about starting chiropractic care.  I had studied sports medicine in high school, so I was fairly well educated on chiropractic.  My only concern was that it would aggravate my previous injury.  However, since starting care I have better range of motion in my shoulders.  This has reduced the pain, and I am able to lift heavy and safely now. Furthermore, my sleep and digestion has improved since starting care.

Dr. Rhonda and her staff are nothing but helpful and considerate.  They make my care and well-being a priority.

E320 Chiropractic Stories - Nancy

Tinnitus(Ringing in the Ears)

Nancy Lee
Started care: September 2019
Previous symptomsHip pain, loss of sleep, and tinnitus

My Chiropractic Story

For six years I had been struggling with hip pain.  I had difficulty sleeping due to the hip pain and was never fully rested.  I was taking over the counter pain medicine to help with the pain.  However, I did not want to medicate the pain away.  I wanted to get to the root cause of the pain and treat it naturally.

I met Dr. Rhonda at the Greek Festival in Anderson.  I doubted chiropractic care could help with my hip pain, but I had tried everything else and found no relief. However, after being under care for about 6 weeks, my hip pain is gone! Additionally, what I did not expect was my tinnitus to disappear.

I had been experiencing ringing in my right ear for many years.  It was not even on my radar as far as something that could be fixed with chiropractic care.  I had resolved myself to just live with it for the rest of my life.  After my first adjustment, the ringing completely stopped.  For two weeks I would catch myself talking too loudly.  I was unable to hear myself with the ringing in my ears and would talk loud enough to hear myself.

After six weeks of care, I am finally able to sleep through the night.  I am getting more sleep and wake feeling rested.  I also have much more energy throughout the day.

I am so thankful for Dr. Rhonda.  She is great at teaching and explains everything.  Her staff is professional, and always kind and helpful.

E320 Chiropractic Stories - Olesya

Poor Posture

Olesya Klimovich
Started care: October 2018
Previous symptomsPoor Posture, Migraines

My Chiropractic Story

In 2018 I was referred to Dr. Rhonda by a mutual friend.  At the time, I had poor posture and horrible migraines. I tried to stay away from medication and only took it unless it was necessary. Due to this, I was open to trying chiropractic care.

In the beginning, I was a little skeptical.  I did not think it would help me. However, since starting care I have seen a drastic change in my posture and less migraines! I am so glad I decided to give chiropractic care a try.  I no longer have people telling me to stand up straight every 2 minutes.

Dr. Rhonda is the best. She does more than just take care of my spine. She cares for my health by teaching me healthy eating habits, the importance of drinking plenty of water, and the importance of exercise. She does this in the best way, and it truly does help to create a healthy lifestyle and an amazing working body!

I highly recommend Dr. Rhonda.  She is always a positive ray of sunshine. During my time with her, I have come to see her as my doctor and friend, and I would not trust my back with anyone else.

E320 Chiropractic Stories - Ruthanne

Digestion/Foot Pain

Ruthanne Aiken
Started care: October 2018
Previous symptomsMigraines, neck pain, back pain and digestion

My Chiropractic Story

I met Dr. Rhonda in 2018 at the Anderson Greek Festival. At the time, I was struggling with low back, shoulder, neck, foot pain and some digestive issues.  I had been experiencing these pains for a few years, and I had resigned to just live with the pain. The pain I was experiencing was making life difficult, including getting in and out of my car.  I had to take ibuprofen to help relieve the pain so I could get through my day.

I was a little skeptical of chiropractic care in the beginning.  I had never seen a chiropractor before.  However, I was at the point that I was willing to try it and I am so glad I did!  My foot pain is completely gone, and my back and neck pain are, for the most part, gone.  I may be sore occasionally, but I no longer struggle getting in and out of my car! I have also stopped taking ibuprofen. I have also noticed a huge difference in my digestion.  I also used to periodically have an upset stomach.  Now, it is rare that I do get sick, and if I do, it is not so severe.

Dr. Rhonda goes out of her way to help her practice members.  When I had to travel for my job for 6 weeks in Indiana, she referred me to another chiropractor, who happens to be her uncle. I feel like it was meant to be the day I sat down on her chair at the Greek Festival.  All I can say is to give Dr. Rhonda a chance!  She is fantastic!

E320 Chiropractic Stories - Tosha

Hip Pain

Tosha Hanna
Started care: June 2019
Previous symptomsLow back and hip pain

My Chiropractic Story

Since 2015 I was experiencing low back and hip pain. I sit a lot at work, and it was beginning to cause major discomforts for me. I would take over the counter pain medicine regularly to help ease the pain in my back and hip so I could go about my daily routines. I have also struggled with infertility and wanted to seek out other options that could help with these problems.

I met Dr. Rhonda through LeeAnne.  I was unsure how chiropractic care could help other parts of my body, but I understand now that everything is tied to your spine by way of the spinal cord. I have been under care for about 5 months, and I have already seen great results.  While sitting at work I have found I do not struggle to get comfortable.  My low back and hip pain have significantly decreased.  I rarely, if ever, take pain medication. In addition, and what I did not expect, was an improvement in my sinuses.  I used to get sinus infections with the smallest change in the weather.  Thankfully, I cannot remember the last time I have had one. I am excited to see how well my body is functioning later in care.

I am thankful for Dr. Rhonda and her team.  They are amazing!  I feel right at home when I come in for my adjustments. If I had time, I would love to work with them!  They have fun and I support their mission!

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